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We help your child fall in love with learning


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The Impact Academy

At The Impact Academy, students are not just passive listeners, but active participants in their own learning. Our experienced teachers facilitate discussions and guide students to explore different perspectives, which helps them develop critical thinking skills, improve their problem-solving abilities, and fall in love with the process of learning. That's why 94% of our students report that they look forward to coming to class.


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"Enrolling my son to The Impact Academy under the guidance of Joseph was one of the best decisions we have made this year."

Myleen Castro

Programs and Courses

Previously we had engaged a few other AEIS coaches whose main approach was administering past papers. This was however not working for our son, who had made two attempts at AEIS P1 but was unsuccessful. Joseph successfully trained him for AEIS P2 through well structured interactive lessons which greatly boosted our son's confidence.

Looking forward to seeing you :)

An investment in your child's education is that it is an investment in their future. At The Impact Academy, we're determined to level up your child beyond just academics. 94% of parents interviewed mentioned an increase in leadership abilities and confidence after just 1 month of enrolment. 

Become our next success story.

66 East Coast Road Singapore 428778 #05-15 (The Flow Shopping Mall)

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  • Are lessons 1-1 or will it be in a group setting?
    As our teaching approach is centered around the needs of your child, we are only able to determine the mode of the lesson until an assessment is conducted. We believe that learning is inherently social. Being in a small group allow students to collaborate with others, bounce ideas off each other, and learn from their peers. In addition, group learning creates a competitive environment that is vital to academic success. While there are many benefits to a small group setting, we recognise that every student is unique and our goal is to create a learning environment that is tailored to them. Whether your child is best suited for 1-1 classes or group classes, you can rest assured that we will provide top-notch education support.
  • What kind of results will I see in my child?
    As your child learns with our programs, their passion and confidence will increase. You will also see a great increase in their independent study skills, all of which lead to academic improvement. The ‘speed’ at which a child’s results improves, varies from child to child. However, many have noticed a remarkable change after only two weeks! We personally suggest that within a two month period you should see considerable change. For instance, how they tackle tough questions will change drastically.
  • How involve should a parent be?
    It takes a village to raise a child - I am sure you have heard of this saying. There's no way we can do it ourselves. While we take care of the teaching aspects, we will need you to assist us in areas such as ensuring that they are accountable for their assignments and integrate what they've learned from us in their schoolwork. As much as we would like students to do it themselves, some hand-holding is necessary to ensure that they stay on track and not choose the path of least resistance.
  • Can students ask questions outside of lessons?
    We believe that learning happens everywhere. Our current cohort have access to our teaching partners 24/7 as we understand the importance of clarifying doubts promptly, and we strive to ensure that no student is left with unanswered questions. In addition to our teaching partners, we also have videos recorded for every concept. This resource is available to our students too. We are committed to provide multiple avenues of support.
  • Why should I engage The Impact Academy?
    You should not. But you should read about what others have to say about us. Here's just a few:- Your name is the password to activate him to pick up his book and learn math - Jocelyn Thanks Joseph for inspiring her to be better, one day at a time - Honey We are grateful to you for helping her build her courage and confidence - Vikram He has been doing brilliantly in his self studies in all of his subjects - Mamta It is very refreshing to meet you, especially your passion to teach and your outlook on every child is different and needs a different approach - Nisha Thank you for helping him in the last few months. You're awesome! - Anita Incredible progress in short time. Great teaching techniques and combination of learning, fun and visualisation with clear expectations from students. - Karolina
  • How can we engage The Impact Academy?
    Our slots are mostly filled. However, you can still fill up the form above and we can hop onto a discovery call to see how we can serve you!
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