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Math Masters 

Welcome to our personalised and engaging Math Masters class for primary and secondary students! Our aim is to cultivate a passion for problem-solving among students and equip them with skills that are valuable beyond their academic studies.

Lesson Duration: 1hr to 2hr

Class Size: 5-6 students

The Impact Academy Method


Looking forward to seeing you :)

An investment in your child's education is that it is an investment in their future. At The Impact Academy, we're determined to level up your child beyond just academics. 94% of parents interviewed mentioned an increase in leadership abilities and confidence after just 1 month of enrolment. 

Don't take it from us

Just want to share a piece of good news with you - Ayesha scored full marks for her term 3 math exams! She is the only one who has gotten a perfect score. Thank you for your patience in guiding her. We really appreciate it.


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