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Chinese Class

Get ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Chinese culture, history, and language. Our classes are filled with fun games, interactive exercises, and engaging activities that will make you fall in love with the language.

Lesson Duration: 1hr 45mins

Class Size: 5-6 Students

The Impact Academy Method


Looking forward to seeing you :)

An investment in your child's education is that it is an investment in their future. At The Impact Academy, we're determined to level up your child beyond just academics. 94% of parents interviewed mentioned an increase in leadership abilities and confidence after just 1 month of enrolment. 

Don't take it from us

"What impressed me the most was the interactive and immersive approach that the teacher used. The class was always filled with fun games, engaging activities, and interesting discussions that made learning Chinese fun and enjoyable for Mark. He learned the language in a natural and organic way, and he loved the opportunity to practice his language skills with his classmates."


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